Green Title Versus Survey Strata – The FAQs

Green Title versus Survey Strata

The fundamental difference between green title and survey strata lots are that they are each created under separate Acts of Parliament. Green titled or Torrens titled lots are created under the Transfer of Land Act 1893. Survey strata and strata lots are created by virtue of the Strata Titles Act 1985.

Further information about both Acts can be obtained from the State Law Publisher – Western Australia.

Many of our clients often ask – ” Where did the reference to green title come from? “

In the pre-digital age, Torrens titled survey diagrams were drafted by hand on paper or film. It was common practice to colour all torrens titled lots (for ease of reference) – green.

The tradition still continues on Deposited Plans prepared by Licensed Surveyors today. It is a legal requirement to show a green outline around the lot that is subject to the subdivision action. An example of same is shown below.

Hence the simple yet important historical link to the green title reference.

green title

Advantages of green title

  • Completely independent – no common ownership;
  • Services such as sewer, power and water cannot be shared;
  • No common property allowable – shared access by reciprocal rights easements only, and;
  • Requires planning approval from the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission)

Advantages of survey strata

  • Services such as sewer, power and water can be shared;
  • No requirement for costly sewer main extensions – internal sewer installed by licensed plumber will suffice;
  • Common property to facilitate access is allowable;
  • Eaves on existing dwellings can encroach into common property – intrusion easements used to protect assets;
  • Requires planning approval from the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission)

Total Project Consultants extends the invitation to you to contact us and one of our friendly and experienced Licensed Surveyors can quickly identify the best strategy to subdivide your lot – green title or survey strata / strata.

A clear step by step process will be explained, including all time frames and project costs.

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