Licensed Surveyors – A point of difference…

Our Licensed Surveyors are specialists in the provision of all land development subdivision services from 2 lots to 200 lots.

What sets our Licensed Surveyors apart from our competitors?

All Licensed Surveyors are great at measuring and preparing legal documents to manage existing land boundaries or create new boundaries. We believe it is our ability to communicate clearly the land development process and empower the client by providing service excellence and value that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Licensed Surveyors have the latest technology at their disposal, but our experience has found that more often than not regular and consistent communication by phone in the first instance followed by a face-to-face meetings (if required) achieves far more than the impersonal e-mail that has become the de-facto standard of doing business.

True professional stature arises from obedience to the unenforceable…

Our Licensed Surveyors adopt a partnership approach with each of our clients and are highly experienced in the following areas:

•    Boundary Re-pegs – encroachments , adverse possession and dividing fences issues
•    Feature Surveys – building extensions, planning applications and new homes
•    Topographic Surveys – volume surveys, stock pile surveys and plot surveys
•    Contour Surveys – a requirement for a subdivision project when you subdivide or are subdividing
•    Re-zoning Applications and Structure Plan submissions
•    Subdivisions – survey-strata, built-strata and green-title applications through to final lot creation
•    Town Planning – planning advice and WAPC Form 1A applications seeking approval to subdivide
•    Land Development – how much will it cost to subdivide and how long to finish the subdivision – we can tell you
•    Strata to Survey-strata conversions – we provide step by step instructions for land owners and strata companies
•    Building set-outs – residential, commercial and industrial
•    Exclusive Use Plans – for strata companies and other project developers
•    D-Spec and R-Spec as-constructed plan preparation
•    Water Corporation compliant as-constructed plans for water and sewer main extensions

Before you trust your project to the first Licensed Surveyor you find on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages – contact Total Project Consultants and request to speak to a Licensed Surveyor for an obligation free discussion and quote and experience first-hand our point of difference.